Research and Development

Designing and developing a new product is usually a very important factor in the survival of a company.

In industries that have a rapid development, companies need to continually develop their designs and their products. The continuous changes in technology, the presence of rivals and changing customer preferences have made this expansion inevitable.

An organization without an R & D program would have to rely on strategic alliance, ownership and business networks if it does not want to be left behind.

As a result, Artishon Industries is committed to improving its design, manufacturing and sales of all its products by continuously expanding its research and development with innovative technology to its customers.

We are continuously researching our products to be efficient and internationally, and by expanding our activities in various industries, we are working to provide a wide range of products to our customers.

Our company’s strategy as a market-leading brand with a significant share in the crane industry is always that the annual amount of the company’s profits in research and development

Research and Development